• Discover your perfect home away from home in Suriname!
    Discover your perfect home away from home in Suriname!

    Discover your perfect home away from home in Suriname!

    Whether you're here for business, vacation, studying, or as an expat seeking a peaceful retreat, we invite you to experience our pristine, welcoming, secure, and private…

Abroad in Suriname

Experience the Best of Suriname Whether you're embarking on a study abroad adventure, embracing expat life, or seeking a temporary escape, we have the ideal haven for you.

Indulge in the ultimate fusion of comfort and convenience with our meticulously maintained, secure, and secluded lodgings. We extend a warm invitation to solo travelers, couples, and even groups exploring our city – all your requirements are met here. Our rooms offer a refreshing oasis and are thoughtfully air-conditioned, coupled with the added convenience of laundry facilities.

Strategically nestled in the heart of the city, we offer an unparalleled location for your stay. Every facet of downtown allure is within arm's reach. Immerse yourself in the bustling central market, explore an array of chic boutiques, peruse expansive department stores and malls, and savour the flavours of renowned eateries like McDonald's or Popeyes, all effortlessly reachable by foot. Additionally, a treasure trove of authentic local dining establishments awaits just around the corner.

Whether you're pursuing academic excellence, professional endeavours, or pure relaxation, your search for the perfect retreat concludes here. Welcome to your home away from home in Suriname!

Suriname, officially known as the Republic of Suriname, is a nation located along the northern coast of South America, with Paramaribo serving as its capital city. Having been a Dutch colony from 1667 to 1954, Suriname later became a self-governing entity within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Eventually, on November 25, 1975, Suriname achieved full independence. The population of Suriname is composed of diverse ethnic groups, without any single group holding an absolute majority. While Dutch is the primary and official language, Sranan (also known as Tongo) is commonly used as a bridge language for communication between different ethnicities. Moreover, various local and indigenous languages are spoken among different population groups.

Covering a land area of 163,820 square kilometers and boasting a coastline of 386 kilometers, the republic shares its borders with Brazil, Guyana, and French Guiana. Notably, there are ongoing border disputes with both Guyana and French Guiana. The topography encompasses swamps and hilly terrains, featuring multiple mountain ranges in the southern and central regions. The country's landscape is predominantly cloaked in tropical rainforests and crisscrossed by numerous rivers flowing from the southern to the northern parts, including the prominent Suriname River.

Suriname is home to a population of approximately 541,638 individuals (as of 2012), yielding a population density of merely 3.6 inhabitants per square kilometer. This low density ranks Suriname among the least densely populated countries globally, comparable to nations such as Canada and Mauritania. In the expansive forested district of Sipaliwini, which stands as the largest district in the country, the population density is as minimal as 0.28 inhabitants per square kilometer. Most of the residents inhabit the northern areas of the country, particularly in the districts of Paramaribo, Wanica, and Nickerie. Beyond its borders, there are around a million individuals of Surinamese descent, with over half of them residing within Suriname itself. Furthermore, a substantial number live abroad, primarily in countries like the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as neighbouring nations such as French Guiana, Brazil, and the United States.


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